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MultiComm Live Audio Feed

(provided in stereo with extended listener support provided by


The MultiComm live audio feed monitors police, fire, ems, and emergency management agencies throughout Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, Putnam, and Stark counties in central Illinois. It also covers the Illinois State Police, AmerenIP, and other agencies with a statewide presence via the StarCom21 and ClearTalk trunked radio systems. This is a stereo feed, meaning you will hear law enforcement traffic in your left speaker and fire/ems traffic in your right speaker.




Below is a specific listing of what is being monitored.

L A W   E N F O R C E M E N T   F I R E   /   E M S
East Receiver West Receiver   East Receiver West Receiver
Spring Valley PD Bureau County Sheriff   Spring Valley Fire Bureau County Paging
LaSalle PD Princeton PD   LaSalle EMA Bureau County Fire
Peru PD ISP D17   Peru Fire Bureau County EMS
Oglesby PD Lee County Sheriff   Oglesby EMA Princeton Fire
Ottawa PD Stark County Sheriff   Utica EMA Walnut Fire
Mendota PD Henry County Sheriff   Mendota EMA Bradford Fire
Earlville PD ISP D17   Putnam County EMA Henry Fire
Streator PD ISP D7   Streator AMT Wyoming Fire
LaSalle County Sheriff ITTF   Ottawa EMA Bureau County ESDA
Marshall County Sheriff ILEAS   Marshall County EMA
Putnam County Sheriff   10/33 EMS
Marseilles PD   IREACH
Leland PD   Life Flight
Seneca PD   IEMA
Point to point   IESMA
ISP D8  

By listening to our feeds, you acknowledge the following:

You are listening for entertainment purposes only.

You will not use our feeds to commit (or aid in the commission of) a crime.

Using these feeds during the commission of a crime may lead to civil or criminal prosecution.

We will do our best to keep the feeds online 24/7, but are not responsible for outages.

The feeds are brought to you under 47 USC § 605.

Any audio recordings available on this site are brought to you by a Creative Commons License.

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